California’s proposed car ban is the perfect mix of hubris and silliness

SACRAMENTO — It’s about time that members of Congress and the California Legislature obtained actually critical about combating the nation’s air pollution drawback. Simply as Jonathan Swift had a “modest proposal” to maintain poor Irish youngsters from being a burden to their households and their nation (by promoting them to rich English individuals as meals), I, too, have a modest proposal for coping with the unconscionable degree of pollution which are emitted within the U.S. to supply electrical energy. Let’s suggest a plan to close down the nation’s energy crops.

The information are unmistakable: An environmental group in 2009 reported that the “nation’s energy crops emitted 2.fifty six billion tons of worldwide warming air pollution … which is equal to the air pollution from almost 450 million of at this time’s automobiles — almost 3 times the variety of automobiles registered in america in 2007.” Even cleaner pure-fuel fired crops, which have grow to be extra prevalent in ensuing years, “launch 21 — one hundred twenty occasions extra methane than earlier estimates,” in line with a abstract of a Purdue College/Environmental Protection Fund report from final yr.

Do you care about clear air, the well being of our youngsters and the way forward for the planet? In fact you do. So there’s little cause to complain about this concept. Earlier than you chalk it as much as one columnist’s silliness, think about that some California coverage makers are proposing one thing equally “modest” and ludicrous. But they appear completely critical about it.

Assemblyman Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, and another Meeting members have launched laws that may ban the registration of passenger automobiles that aren’t “zero emissions.” Meeting Invoice 1745 would, starting in 2040, prohibit the California Division of Motor Automobiles “from accepting an software for unique registration of a motorcar until the car is a zero emissions car.”

Likewise, California Air Assets Board chairwoman Mary Nichols informed Bloomberg in an interview that Gov. Jerry Brown “has expressed an interest in barring the sale of vehicles powered by internal-combustion engines.” The governor reportedly wondered why China is able to do this and lawmakers haven’t considered it in California. So now California’s Legislature is indeed considering something that would, according to the article, “send shockwaves through the global car industry due to the heft of California’s auto market.”

Shockwaves for such a modest proposal? It’s not as if the underlying concept — banning stuff that our political leaders don’t like — is anything new. As a colleague noted, perhaps California lawmakers ought to simply ban the production and sale of meat-based products, also, given the ill effects of slaughterhouses on the environment, our diets, and on the quality of life of the animals that end up on our dinner tables. We’ve got to think out of the box.

The bill would exempt large commercial vehicles and cars brought to California…

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