Dear Abby: Cousin, 5, accuses our son, 9, of inappropriate touching

DEAR ABBY: My brother and sister-in-regulation just lately advised me their 5-yr-previous son claims my 9-yr-previous son touched him inappropriately on a number of occasions. Understanding that any mum or dad believes what their baby says, I asked my son if he has ever touched or finished something inappropriate to anyone. His response was, “Why would I do this?”

My husband and I asked our son about it on several totally different events and obtained the identical reply. Not eager to strain him to the point of coercion and pressure him to confess to something he didn’t do, I accepted his denials.

My brother and his wife are convinced my son did these heinous issues to their son. What more is there for me to do? My son and I at the moment are being shunned and barred from being around any of my brother’s youngsters. — SHUNNED IN COLORADO

DEAR SHUNNED: A young youngster may make a press release like the one your nephew did to get attention, get the opposite youngster in hassle OR because he’s being touched inappropriately by another person. This definitely bears additional exploration, and the individuals who ought to do which are your brother and his wife.

If your son finally ends up being guilty, you then and your husband must investigate the place this conduct came from and get him professional help. Till this is resolved, the youngsters must be stored apart.

DEAR ABBY: The other day, I used to be checking numbers on my contacts record in my telephone. It has been years since I purged any, so I sent out a number of texts with simply the individual’s identify. Later, I awakened round 3 a.m. and couldn’t get again to sleep, so I checked my social media.

I returned two emails, then saw I had a response to certainly one of my texts which read, “???” So I texted again my identify. Subsequent factor I knew, my telephone was ringing. It was an acquaintance from years in the past. I answered, although I might have let it go into voicemail, as a result of I didn’t need to be rude.

Nevertheless, the very last thing I needed to do was have a three a.m. conversation with this individual — or any individual, for that matter.

For my part, a telephone call is totally different from a textual content. Calling me at three a.m. was inappropriate, bordering on rude. The opposite individual contends I shouldn’t have texted that late if I didn’t need to speak.

I’ve put this matter of up to date communication etiquette out there, and the suggestions I’m receiving on the subject is split. What do you assume? — TEXT ETIQUETTE IN THE SOUTH

DEAR TEXT ETIQUETTE: What I feel is that YOU owe the individual an apology for having disturbed her or him within the wee hours of the morning and, when you’re at it, explain that you simply didn’t assume your textual content can be seen until after sunup.

DEAR ABBY: I get my hair finished at the local magnificence faculty. Once I pay, there isn’t any room on the invoice to go away a tip. Is it OK not to tip these individuals because they’re in class, or should I plan on bringing cash with me next time? — WONDERING IN CALIFORNIA

DEAR WONDERING: In the event you just like the service the scholar performed, show your gratitude (and respect!) by bringing alongside sufficient…

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