Son and family dog honor all creatures

Math was never my greatest topic in class however you’d assume I’d still be capable of rely how many individuals stay in my home.

I all the time figured it at 4: my spouse, our two sons and me.

But the youthful boy insists I’m off by one. There are five individuals here, he says, because Jack, our canine, counts as an individual, too.

It’s a fantastic association for Jack, since counting the canine as an individual makes it onerous to have a lot as a “no desk scraps” rule for him. In any case, who’s heartless enough to disclaim an individual of their household a chew of a very good dinner when there’s going to be lots for leftovers?

I used to argue that Jack’s an animal — a very good one, however nonetheless an animal. However the child simply shot again that I’m an animal, too, and that doesn’t maintain me out of the tally of individuals.

Actually, he insists that almost each dwelling factor we discover within the neighborhood is a person because he has only one criterion: If it has hair, it’s an individual — and feathers rely as hair.

His stubbornness is ok, because whereas he’s clearly flawed that hair makes you human (a minimum of my thinning head hopes he is) the boy might have stumbled onto a fact.

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